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  An Introduction to Islam

  6 Articles of Faith

  5 Pillars of Islam





Things You Can Do To Please Allah

Cyber Surah: Reading or Reciting the Surah in Al-Qur'an

Imam Jafer-al-Sadiq (AS) said: "When we recite Al-Quran in our homes, we shine for the people of Heaven as stars shine for the people of Earth".

Dua is defined as any invocation or prayer addressed to Allah (SWT). Through Dua, we strengthen our Imaan and our relationship with Allah, as well as heighten our awareness of cause and effect that can help inspire and motivate us to be closer to Islam in our lives.


  When to pray

  Steps to perform prayer

   Steps to perform wudhu'




Racing to save the planet,
Saving the plants and trees,
Got to stop polluting,
To save our beautiful planet,
So make your own shopping bag to stop wasting all the plastic bags,
Re-use bottles and containers,
It's our planet so stop destroying it !

Content :
Change your habits for Greener World
101 Things to do to conserve and
protect the environment
101 Things to do to promote Green
Quran , Creation and Conservation -
Essay by Fazlun Khaled



         Disappearing soil

         Disappearing flora

         Disappearing fauna

         Sharing the earth resources

         Recycling our Resources

         Promising Beginning

         Loss of Green Cover

         Industrial Damage


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