To develop excellent individuals (Sincere Spirituality, Exceptional Character, and Great Knowledge)

Through a positive, accurate, and motivational worldview (Islam based on the revealed knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., combined with a logical, scientific understanding of Allah’s physical creation based on the accepted facts (but not non-Islamic Interpretations) of all fields of modern science).

Man’s role as vicegerent (Khalifah) on earth with the three responsibilities:

  1. Make yourself good

  2. Help others become good

  3. Keep the physical world safe, clean, and beautiful.

The Khalifah Method is comprised of three easy steps:

  1. Remind yourself and your children that we are Khalifah of Allah, and instill deeply into your children’s consciousness the strong desire to carry out their responsibilities as Khalifah.

  2. Take the opportunity, a number of times each day, to give positive attention (warm and loving praise) to your child for any good things they do or good characteristics they show.

  3. Set firm, reasonable rules for your child, make sure your child understands those rules, and enforce those rules consistently with ‘kind’ discipline (this means without harshness) which is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The Khalifah Institute begins its activities by offering seminars, training, workshops, and publications (books, CD’s, cassettes, posters, and training programs) for the parents, teachers, work force, youth, and children of Malaysia with the goal of helping to initiate such positive changes in Malaysian society, InshaAllah, that the whole world will come to see us as an example of what a rightly guided Islamic nation can do to combat the evil influences of modern society and will desire to model their society on ours. We carry out close follow-up of our educational programs through volunteers who are trained as Khalifah Trainers. Target groups for our programs include parents, teachers, workforce, youth, teenagers, children and preschoolers.



  1. To help bring about a world society that is good and right in every way. Good and right is defined as that which conforms to the rightly understood beliefs and practices of traditional Islam based on the revealed knowledge of the Qur’an, the authentic Sunnah and Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), combined with a logical, scientific understanding of Allah’s physical creation based on the acceptesd facts (but not non-Islamic Interpretations) of all fields of modern science.

  2. To continue, publicize, further develop, and disseminate the life work of the founder, both nationally and internationally, in all forms, to help bring about a better world. This work encompasses forty years of research in child and clinical psychology, theoretical physics and cosmology.

  3. To disseminate the body of knowledge through publications, seminars, workshops, talks, conferences, and training sessions using the Khalifah methodology and to assist in the practical application of the method at all levels of society.



As always we put our trust in Allah as the only absolute knower of truth. Responsibility for all errors is ours alone and due to human failings. For any errors we may make we offer our most sincere apologies to the Muslim Ummah, and beg the forgiveness of Allah. We understand, of course, that there may be alternative interpretations of the true knowledge of traditional Islamic belief and practice held by individuals and groups within the Muslim ummah. To the degree that these alternative interpretations do not constitute unbelief, we welcome this diversity within the Islamic tradition as a great Mercy from Allah.

We at Khalifah Institute often use the language of modern scientific and logical discourse to explain and promote traditional Islamic belief and practice. To those unfamiliar with this use of lan guage to further the cause of Islam please do not be alarmed. Although we use modern language and concepts in our presentation of Islamic belief and practice we are not Modernists. We support and work for a return to the traditional beliefs, values and practices of Islam, based  on the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as the only way to successfully bring about a spiritual revitalization of the Muslim ummah, and to ultimately bring about a fully and truly Islamic world.

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